Soldat 1.5.1f Beta (with server)

Hello everyone!

It took some time but the next beta is out now.
We actually wanted to release it on Friday.

Not everything was fixed though. So if you still get a bug tell us in detail:
How it happens and
what should actually happen

Also read the earlier posts in this thread and only add stuff if you have more information
Quote the old post when you add information :P.

But before you read the changelog and download the new beta I have to tell you a secret:
We had a hidden dev (or call him a ninja dev) for almost a month now.
He helped with the creating of the dev log among other things.

Last beta post I forgot to mention him but you might know him already:
His nickname is ramirez.

That said here is the changelog for soldat 1.5.1f beta 21:

Soldatclient changelog
Added Option to Force Background Colors in maps to one defined by the player
Added Option to enable/disable FPSLimit as well as option to enable/disable high resolution timers
Added missing translations in gui

Modified Generation of HardwareID to also work with borked WMI

Fixed version info in the middle of the screen
Fixed Score is +/- in Player Stat Window
Fixed tab order in all tabs
Fixed empty Internet Connection Speed in config.exe
Fixed tab order in all tabs in config.exe
Fixed move left key not visible on the menu
Fixed debugging information appearing in console
Fixed missing sceneries
Fixed Soldat not being centered in active desktop
Fixed missing collision poly on Airpirates

Soldatserver changelog
Fixed Scoring of htf/inf
Fixed Weaponmod gettings screwed up when doing /gamemode X
Fixed ASE queries not working

If you have the beta 1.5.1e client run it and tell me if the updater doesn't work.

Note the 1.5.1f needs a server update (not compatible with old server).

Soldat 1.5.1f Beta 21 Downloads:

Soldat Beta Full
Soldat Beta Patch

Soldatserver Beta Full
Soldatserver Beta Patch (read update.txt)