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Dear Soldaters,

The moment many of us have been so patiently waiting for has finally arrived. We're happy to announce that Soldat has just been published on Steam!

The version on Steam is an improved version of Soldat 1.7.1. A full change-log will follow on the steam page once bugfixes are done.

We would like take this as an opportunity to wholeheartedly thank the developers team who invested so many hours into improving this game that we all hold so dearly.

Enjoy the spread the word!

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Dear soldiers,

Thanks to your help testing the two beta releases,
we have been able to spot and fix all remaining issues in a short time.
Now it's time for the launch of the first final release since 5 months:
Proudly presenting you Soldat 1.7.1.

This is an important stepping stone towards the next major release 1.8,
which will be released in a few months. You may look forward to it!

Smoother performance!

Since Soldat 1.7 you experience the smoothest gaming experience we have ever delivered to you,
yet it has still been a bit laggy when there were many players on a server. This is gone now!
Even with 20 players (or more), there'll be no stuttering - just purely fluid gaming!

Even more HD!

Soldat 1.7 introduced HD graphics to most parts of the game.
We have continued working on the graphical elements,
now including more sceneries and all player models in 4K HD quality.

Note: As Soldat features hundreds of scenery files, we are still working on remaking the remaining files.

Goodbye, splash screen!

No need to wait, rush into the battle even faster!
Even if you don't have a registered version of Soldat, you won't have to bear with a splash screen anymore when starting the game.

New weapon mod!

We have not only tweaked the weapon mod (WM) in order to improve the weapon balance further,
but also changed the syntax of the WM file.
Important: If you use a custom WM, you will have to convert the file to use it with Soldat 1.7.1+.
For that purpose a converter tool is provided, which can be found attached to this post.
The tool is open-source. The source code is available here.

Bleed, soldier, bleed!

We have changed the way health and damage values are handled: Unlike before, these values are not rounded anymore. 
That allows for much more precise damage calculation when you hit a soldier in the battle. 

Soldat 1.7.1 Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mirror 3
Soldat 1.7.1 Patch (for 1.7.0 and above) Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mirror 3

Server 2.8.1 Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mirror 3
Server 2.8.1 Patch (for 2.8.0 and above) Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mirror 3

This is the last release compiled with delphi7. Future versions of Soldat will use Free Pascal Compiler.

Code commitment 


Graphics commitment:

Weapon mod:

Map fixes:

Release post:

Soldat 1.7.1

- Modified optimized bullet collisions
- Modified optimized object collisions
- Modified removed infinite saw ammo
- Modified disabled client-side taunt anti-flood protection if taunt is a command
- Modified damage calculations to use hitbox modifiers now provided by WM  file (previously it was dividing some values to give more precision in a quirky and artificial way)
- Modified WM file values are now not altered by soldat in any way
- Modified WM file now supports decimal values
- Modified stop rendering when soldat window isn't active
- Modified Health and Vest are now stored as decimal values
- Modified Bullet time is now disabled by default
- Fixed bots using kill taunt on selfkill
- Fixed console showing less lines than actually fit on screen while open
- Fixed off by one bug in radio menu
- Fixed client WM checksum checks
- Removed splashscreen

Soldat Server 2.8.1

- Added TActvieBullet.Owner property (Read only)
- Added Script.OnUnhandledException
- Modified optimized bullet collisions
- Modified optimized object collisions
- Modified TPlayer.Alive, Admin, Human and Dummy properties to also check if player is active and return accordingly.
- Modified TActivePlayer.Deaths is now Read-Write
- Modified Script.OnException to be a procedure instead of function
- Modified SC3 exception handler now unloads the script if exception is thrown
- Modifeid SC3 exception handler should output more meaningful messages, even with debug mode off
- Modified removed the infamous explosive weapon hardcoded damage
- Modified removed infinite saw ammo
- Modified TPlayer.Kick, added Reason parameter
- Modified TPlayers.Add, added JoinType parameter
- Modified damage calculations to use hitbox modifiers now provided by WM file
- Modified WM file values are now not altered by soldat in any way
- Modified WM file now supports decimal values
- Modified Health and Vest are now stored as decimal values
- Modified TPlayer.Health type is now Single
- Modified TPlayer.OnDamage event now accepts Damage parameter as Single instead of Integer, return type changed accordingly
- Fixed adminport was not synchronized with main thread
- Fixed issues with SC3 FileAPI sometimes not working properly
- Fixed Script.Unload() and Script.Recompile() either not working or crashing
- Fixed SC3 OnException message sometimes being empty
- Fixed SC3 OnKill provided WeaponID value instead of BulletID
- Fixed ForceWeapon sometimes didn't apply ammo
- Fixed PascalCompiler clearing defines defined by pascalscript (MSWINDOWS, LINUX)
- Fixed TPlayer.OnVoteKickStart crashing when vote started by the server due to cheat detection
- Fixed bots using kill taunt on selfkill
- Fixed hitbox modifier values were not synchronized over the network
- Fixed SC3 script recompilation crashed the server when the new version had compile time errors.


- New versions of medkit and vest graphics
- 4K UHD blood particles
- 4K UHD sceneries: bushes, rubble, grass & jungle sceneries, other
- Added a few brand new sceneries
- New arrow, bow, flamer, missle and statgun gfx

Weapon mod:

- Damage values are now divided by 100 compared to all weapons.ini files before 1.7.1. (Example: 1.7.0 and earlier: "Damage=181" Now: "Damage=1.81")
- Speed values are now divided by 10
- BulletSpread values are now divided by 100
- Inherited Velocity values are now divided by 100
- MovementAcc values are now divided by 200
- Push values are now divided by 2500
- Added HitboxModifiers for all weapons
- Added option to set ReloadTime and Ammo for the Chainsaw

- Reduced overall damage by 5% for: Desert Eagles, HK MP5, AK47,  Steyr-AUG, Spas-12, FN-Minimi, XM214 Minigun, Ussocom and StatGun via the HitboxModifiers
- Desert Eagles: Movement Acc: 0 -> 1.8 = 0.009
- AK-74: Damage: 111 -> 100.4 = 1.004
- AK-74: FireInterval: 11 -> 10 = 10
- AK-74: ReloadTime:  150 -> 165 = 165
- AK-74: Ammo: 40 -> 35 = 35
- AK-74: Speed 240 -> 246 = 2.46
- AK-74: Bink: 0 -> -12 = -12
- AK-74: MovementAcc: 0 -> 2.2 = 0.011
- AK-74: BulletSpread: 9 -> 2.5 = 0.025
- AK-74: Push: 35 -> 34.4 = 0.01376
- Steyr Aug: BulletSpread: 7 -> 7.5 = 0,075
- Ruger: 10% more leg damage, 5% more torso damage and 5% more headshot damage
- Ruger: FireInterval: 39 -> 45 = 45
- Ruger: ReloadTime: 84 -> 78 = 78
- Barret 15% less headshot damage and 10% more leg damage
- Barret: MovementAcc: 11 -> 10 = 0.05
- FN-Minimi: BulletSpread: 6 -> 6.4 = 0.064
- FN-Minimi: MovementAcc: 3 -> 2.6 = 0.013
- Minigun: Damage: 49 -> 46.8 = 0.468
- Minigun: Reloadtime: 260 -> 480 = 480
- Minigun: Push: 29 -> 26 = 0.0104
- Minigun: MovementAcc: 0 -> 12.5 = 0.065
- Ussocom: Ammo: 12 -> 14 = 14
- Ussocom: ReloadTime: 52 -> 60 = 60
- Chainsaw: Ammo: 0 -> 200 = 200
- Chainsaw: ReloadTime: 0 -> 110 = 110
- Chainsaw: Fireinterval: 1 -> 2 = 2

- Chainsaw: Ammo: 0 -> 200 = 200
- Chainsaw: ReloadTime: 0 -> 110 = 110
- Chainsaw: Fireinterval: 1 -> 2 = 2

- Fixed unmirrored colliders on ctf_Dropdown and ctf_Steel


After a long wait and a delay of one month it is finally there: Soldat 1.7.0!
This is the first major release since Soldat 1.6.0 which came out in September 2011 and
the second major release for the Soldat dev team!

In this release the client enjoyed some major graphical updates and bug fixes.
On the server side most changes are script core changes and again bug fixes.

Bye bye Directx8. Hello to OpenGL!

New OpenGL based renderer brings great performance and smoothness improvements
like you haven't seen before!

Using OpenGL instead of DirectX also allows for decent gaming performance
on Linux & OS X
systems using Wine, Parallels, PlayOnLinux or similar software.

We also implemented high resolution text rendering.

If you had trouble running previous versions of Soldat - now it's a good time to
give it another go.

Soldat 1.7 supports up to 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) natively
allowing for much higher quality graphics.

That's why we have spent hundreds of hours polishing and remaking
sceneries, player models (gosteks), textures, weapons,
maps, interfaces and other visual effects in HD quality.

Much of the graphics have been completely remade, and more is yet to come
in future releases.

There's a whole truckload of smaller changes and improvements to
various aspects of the game
, including improvements to modding,
customization and more

For instance, screenshots are now saved as PNG and can use a
different resolution for rendering.

Support for windowed fullscreen was added and we have also reverted to
the netcode of 1.6.8 to fix the lagspike issue which happened in 1.6.9.


A big thank you to everyone in the dev team who helped with this version
especially urraka for rewrite of the renderer, bug fixes and changelogs and
falcon for helping with script core changes and debugging.

Special thanks goes to the people who worked on the graphics remakes:
L[one]R, Monsteri and daaw, MrBungle and everyone who helped with mapping,
evhO and the translation team for keeping the translations up to date and
Last but not least I'd like to thank Furai for keeping our backend up to
date and doing all kinds of other tedious work ;)
And everyone else I forgot.

This new Soldat version might introduce some issues with old mods.
We will soon provide a compatibility mod.ini file to fix this,
along with full documentation on how the new modding system works.

Soldat 1.7.0 changelog:
- Added new OpenGL renderer that replaces old D3D8 one
- Added error message for opengl initialization failure
- Added interpolation between frames for smooth rendering
- Added high resolution text rendering support
- Added support for higher definition images
- Added support for windowed fullscreen (Fullscreen=2)
- Added Render_Width and Render_Height options to set internal render resolution
- Added Optimize_Textures config which will resize textures depending resolution for lower GPU memory usage
- Added Mipmap_Bias and GL_Finish experimental configs
- Added Low_Power and Sleep configs to have better control over cpu usage vs timing precision
- Added file logging for graphics related stuff
- Added high resolution map textures
- Added 4K UHD objects-gfx
- Added 4K UHD default interface
- Added 4K UHD sceneries
- Added 4K UHD soldier graphics
- Added 4K UHD weapon graphics
- Added 4K UHD medkit, vest kit and grenade kits
- Added overlay.png to interface-gfx which is now used for bonus kit screen effect
- Added setup.sif is missing error message #614
- Added link to credits for inactive developers
- Added patch warn if trying to install over non compatible soldat version
- Added /reloadgraphics command
- Added desktop resolution config setting
- Added windowed fullscreen config option via combobox
- Modified rotated grenade kits 90* clockwise as a temporary fix for incorrect spawning angle
- Modified weapon menu icons based off weapons-gfx until proper HD icons are made
- Modified screenshots to be saved as png instead of bmp
- Modified scale down sprites that exceed size constraints instead of stopping game with an error
- Modified alignment for new default interface elements
- Modified converted images to png
- Modified bonus overlay to use a separate overlay.png image
- Modified default explosions, fire and smoke: slightly better quality + transparency
- Modified weapon icons, weapons-gfx and sparks-gfx: removed green screen, upscaled by 4.5x
- Modified custom interface loading to fallback to default images when they are missing
- Modified resolution setting to use desktop resolution when it's set to 0x0
- Modified map textures and edges to be loaded from png file if available
- Modified screenshots to be taken with internal render resolution instead of final resized one
- Modified soldier head, hands and Mr.T hairstyle graphics are now grayscale for better customization
- Modified skin colors to match new soldier graphics
- Modified removed unused graphics from interface-gfx, objects-gfx, gostek-gfx and weapons-gfx
- Modified map isn't reloaded when restarting same map
- Modified spin direction of knife and cluster grenade when facing left
- Modified gostek rendering code adding tweakable sprite alignment through mod.ini
- Modified reverted to 1.6.8 netcode for client
- Modified updated micro1 interface
- Modified do not show installer welcome page
- Modified patch do not show icon and group icon install option
- Modified switched to Play font
- Modified replaced FontHeightScale config with Font1ScaleX and Font2ScaleX with 125 as default
- Modified removed directx checks
- Modified removed AntiCheat API
- Modified removed Force Software option
- Modified removed none and anisortropic res filters
- Modified removed none and anisortropic texture filter options
- Modified removed backbuffer setting
- Modified disabled bitrate option
- Modified disabled refresh rate option
- Modified disabled antialiasing option
- Modified removed window resize setting
- Modified removed unused adapter config setting
- Modified disabled gamma setting from options
- Fixed frame timing code
- Fixed texture loading error on -dedicated mode
- Fixed incorrect health bar position when it's "vertical"
- Fixed position of vote menu when "scale interface" is disabled
- Fixed alignment of kill console text
- Fixed alignment of version text inside esc ingame menu
- Fixed big texts on bottom covered by bullet time wide screen cut
- Fixed bad flag initialization code
- Fixed invalid array index access
- Fixed animations initialized to wrong index
- Fixed alpha value outsite allowed value for sparks
- Fixed zero index access for bot ai
- Fixed error message when choosing an uninitialized custom color from color dialog
- Fixed ping dot ignoring its coordinates
- Fixed parachute so it doesn't break in half after being dropped
- Fixed missing Adapter setting in soldat.ini breaks config
- Fixed patch installer cannot be applied manually
- Fixed spawn "teleport" when map takes too long to load
- Fixed DrawText scaling issues
- Fixed parachute rope alignment
- Fixed weapon aim jerkiness
- Fixed soldat blocks installation directory #641
- Fixed free fonts after closing soldat normally

Soldatserver 2.8.0 changelog:
- Added basic conversion functions to SC3: weap2obj, menu2obj, obj2weap, obj2menu, weap2menu, menu2weap
- Added missing Game.TickCount to SC3
- Added missing TPlayer.KeyFlagThrow to SC3
- Fixed OnWeaponChanged was sometimes called too late
- Fixed added missing vest property to SC3 TPlayer
- Fixed ScriptName in SC3 Legacy mode contained full path instead of just folder name
- Fixed unpredictable OnWeaponChange behavior when calling ForceWeapon from within
- Fixed wrong player coordinates in OnAfterPlayerRespawn (SC3 only)
- Fixed OnWeaponChange event sometimes called with weird weapon parameters
- Fixed incorrect Weapon being passed to OnPlayerKill
- Fixed bad flag initialization code
- Fixed invalid array index access
- Fixed animations initialized to wrong index
- Fixed zero index access for bot ai
- Fixed segmentation fault when someone dies
- Fixed TPlayer.Move() not broadcasted to players when set on bot
- Fixed TPlayer.SetVelocity() not broadcasted to players when set o bot
- Fixed Random() function in SC2 producing weird results
-  Fixed SC3 sometimes throwing access violations when hitting exception  (most noticable when trying to load non existing dll

Normal mode weapon changes:

Realistic mode weapon changes:

Map Changelog:
- Added high resolution textures for default maps
- Added new map RR
- Fixed tiling issues on new textures
- Fixed texture stretching on non multi-textured maps

- Fixed players being able to clip through the bridges #435
- Fixed movement polybugs
- Fixed nade/flag polybugs

- Fixed movement polybugs
- Fixed nade/flag polybugs

- Fixed movement polybugs

- Fixed movement polybugs
- Fixed nade/flag polybugs

- Fixed movement polybugs
- Fixed nade/flag polybugs

- Fixed movement polybugs
- Fixed nade/flag polybugs

- Fixed dropped weapons not colliding with polygons near top route bridges[/size]

Soldat 1.7.0 Full
Soldat 1.7.0 Patch (for 1.6.9 only)

Server 2.8.0 Full
Server 2.8.0 Patch (for 2.7.9 only)

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