Here's the awaited quick fix release Soldat 1.6.2.

Although we managed to fix quite a few bugs for 1.6.1, unfortunately a new few ones managed to creep into the release as well. Some of these bugs are quite annoying and break the gameplay a bit, so we wanted to release a fix for them as quickly as possible. So we represent you Soldat 1.6.2 and Soldatserver 2.7.2.

Soldat 1.6.2 changelog:
- Fixed spas reload bug
- Fixed weapon stats hits counter doesn't work
- Fixed too small interface in fullscreen for certain resolutions
- Fixed Missing translations and small labels

Soldatserver 2.7.2 changelog:
- Fixed player is forced to join spectator in deathmatch, pointmatch or rambomatch

Soldat Full
Soldat Patch

Server Full
Server Patch

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If you downloaded it before 2011-10-13 01:00 (GMT+1), re-download it if you have issues with FPS.