Here's the awaited release of Soldat 1.6.3.
This is the 10th anniversary release of Soldat!

Soldat is 10 years old now! It was a hell of a ride so far with lots of drama, developer changes, april fools and of course fun.
Lets see what the next 10 years will bring ;)

Let's see what the creator of Soldat Michal Marcinkowski has to say:

Hey this is MM,
Time for some nostalgia :). Because I released Soldat 10 years ago I wanted to post something fun like a pic of me coding but I don't have one. It seems nobody had cameras back then.

If you're long enough in the community you might remember how it all started, way back in the ice-age. Those were times when there was nothing like indie games. There were just a couple "shareware" developers and the internet gaming scene was ruled by a little game called "Little Fighter". I found the very first Soldat home page (that I coded myself in notepad) on

If you're ready for some time-travel to 2002 click here:

Things worth noting from looking at that page:
- it is written in HTML. I added news by opening notepad, editing the page and uploading by FTP.
- there were 164 players playing (which is nice, but then it grew to over 1000 at any given moment)
- the Soldat lobby server was made by a Polish coder TRSSam - what are you doing now man??
- the most popular web browser for accessing the site was Internet Explorer 6.0
- Arena and Deathmatch was the most popular map and gamemode (when did CTF start to rule?)
- the downloads page had a gazillion mirrors which I all edited manually trying to add as many as I can because servers would randomly become destroyed as traffic from Soldat downloads would kill them

The news was also pretty frequent. I worked as mad man back then on Soldat. I work the same way now on King Arthur's Gold. I hope this little note from me brings back some memories and gives you an excuse to go score some frags on multiplayer. Have fun!

A few people deserve special thanks:
 Mr for finding and reporting a remote code execution vulnerability in client and server
 evh0 for helping to find translations

Soldat 1.6.3 changelog:
- Added missing translations in Soldat.exe
- Added missing translations in soldat config #105, #173
- Added clicking "default: 23073" changes the port field to 23073
- Added 'Change team' menu for non-team based modes
- Added changing team when joining as spectator
- Added auto reload spas when possible support to bots
- Added checks for common injection dlls
- Added Soldat tries to disable injection dlls
- Added Ukrainian installation language
- Added error message with missing textures
- Added Greek language to soldat
- Added missing translation in soldat config #173
- Added new map ctf_Crucifix
- Modified clicking "Cancel" makes progress bar invisible
- Modified spectator teamchat is not possible in all game modes
- Modified requesting game on Join Game tab to be faster
- Modified volume controls to scale decibels exponentially #75
- Modified Anti-Cheat directory is now %APPDATA%RoamingSoldatanti-cheat
- Modified changed position of some labels and controls on start tab to begin at same y pos
- Modified removed unused sceneries
- Modified removed ugly custom interface which was added by accident
- Modified weapon balance for normal and realistic mode
- Modified updated config dialog to work with longer text
- Modified improved options tab position and size of controls
- Modified Admin can only be kicked by Anti-Cheat and from console
- Modified default hint on the flag throwing button to show jump and crouch keys
- Fixed non transparent dot on flag.bmp and noflag.bmp #171
- Fixed throwing knife while standing on weapon throws the just picked up weapon #130
- Fixed cursor isn't clipped to window when playing #147
- Fixed hint message for ForceBG gets assigned to caption
- Fixed missing translations and small labels in Soldat.exe #104
- Fixed problems with Soldat Servers having a "|" in their name #131
- Fixed error for some ppl with hardwareids
- Fixed Volume in intro too doesn't respect settings #66
- Fixed F9 doesn't minimize soldat to tray #145
- Fixed Lobby request - List index out of bounds (4) bug #54
- Fixed Multiple too long identical ingame player names #146
- Fixed issue caused by expiring #152
- Fixed Deaths count bug in Survival mode when joining spectator team and then non-spectator team #73
- Fixed clicking on download button in Updatepopup makes Soldat inaccessible #100
- Fixed Soldat alt+tab bug
- Fixed Updatepopup not visible when alt tabbing out and then back into Soldat in fullscreen mode
- Fixed Updatepopup window too large in fullscreen mode #101
- Fixed window not centered on screen with 768x480 and 854x480 resolutions
- Fixed Alt + R sometimes triggers a weapon reload #72
- Fixed AntiSpy chat didn't work for all input methods
- Fixed window controls don't adapt to larger window resolutions on exit tab
- Fixed wrong tab active when map cannot be loaded in offline game
- Fixed Spas reloads itself even when player doesn't click "reload" button #149
- Fixed volume level too loud after install #74
- Fixed wrong dialog background colors in controls
- Fixed Titlebar button font didn't change color on active and inactive window
- Fixed delay before window text is visible when starting Soldat
- Fixed access violation on missing textures in gostek-gfxranny folder
- Fixed too many bots error message in non team mode when adding too many team players
- Fixed JoinDefault23073Label OnClick event was missing
- Fixed trying to load files from wrong folder before loading them from the correct folder
- Fixed issues with too long translated labels
- Fixed issues with labels get smaller and multiline while text would fit in single line
- Fixed scoreboard doesn't draw bot icon for spectator bots
- Fixed non team players in team game modes are drawn wrong in new scoreboard
- Fixed Index out of bounds error on map change

Soldatserver 2.7.3 changelog:
- Added auto reload spas when possible to server
- Added auto reload spas when possible support to bots
- Added information about votekicks in admin console
- Added ForceWeaponEx function which forces also secondary weapon. ForceWeapon should be marked as DEPRECATED and will be removed (replaced) in the next version
- Added ability to change AppOnIdle interval for scripters by setting AppOnIdleTimer variable. Feature available only if safemode is off
- Added OnVoteMapStart(Voter: byte; MapName, Reason: string) event
- Added OnVoteKickStart(Voter, Target: byte; Reason: string) event
- Added OnVoteMap(Voter: byte; MapName: string) event
- Added OnVoteKick(Voter, Target: byte) event
- Added external dll/so support for scriptcore (you can call dll/so functions from the inside of your scripts) if safe mode is disabled
- Added new map ctf_Crucifix
- Modified removed soldatserver BETA state console message on startup
- Modified remote admins can no longer be kicked (except for Anti-Cheat kick)
- Modified removed no command echo when command starts with /adm for admin clients
- Modified unlocked bows in ForceWeapon
- Modified unlocked BotChat on normal players
- Modified removed [*] from WriteConsole messages
- Modified removed "not allowed weapon" output in onplayerdamage due to spam nature of it
- Modified Admin can only be kicked by Anti-Cheat and from console
- Fixed Deaths count bug in Survival mode when joining spectator team and then non-spectator team #73
- Fixed Forcefully closing connection to admin server results in malfunction of admin server (#154 and #124)
- Fixed Hold_Limit in soldatservers soldat.ini doesn't work #156
- Fixed remote code execution vulnerability in client and server
- Fixed server semi hanging when map cannot be loaded
- Fixed bots with wrong ini files are no longer loaded, added error message to console
- Fixed StartVoteKick and StartVoteMap functions didn't work
- Fixed bots following players with bow on non rambomatch gamemode
- Fixed synchronized scriptcore event calls between threads
- Fixed possible errors due to wrong declaration of ArrayHigh function
- Fixed waypoints were not reset before map change
- Fixed wrong capitalization of executables when compiled with build scripts
- Fixed bots/players stay in wrong team after /loadcon /gamemode /realistic /survival /advance command
- Fixed bots/players kills/deaths/caps/health/weapon type and clip state doesn't reset after "soft" server restart

Soldat 1.6.3 Full
Soldat 1.6.3 Patch (for 1.6.2 only)

Server 2.7.3 Full
Server 2.7.3 Patch (for 2.7.2 only)

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