I'm happy to announce: Soldat 1.6.7 is ready!

This version took longer than expected due to changes in our build scripts.
It includes mostly fixes but also a few features.

Big thanks to the the beta testers, everyone who helped with this release and of course the Soldat Devteam members who helped with this version.

Here some highlights of this version:

New background poly type (not in any default map yet)

Cursor scales when moving

You can find the download links at the end of this post.

The changelogs:
Soldat 1.6.7 changelog:
- Added new background polygon types: "Background" and "Background Transition"
- Added visualization of the player's MovementAcc by scaling the cursor
- Modified the lobby's player count column to not include bots
- Modified bullets to now take into account the weapons' BulletPush when pushing objects (flags, kits, loose guns)
- Modified removed TeamSpeak 2 support
- Modified vertical jumps by making it easier to do smaller jumps by letting go early
- Modified pressing Jump quickly followed by a direction should side jump you if the vertical jump hadn't yet begun
- Modified side jump speed to be the fastest when facing the direction you're moving in #170
- Modified behavior when changing movement direction to hopefully not mess up advanced moves possible in 1.6.5, yet behave consistently in both directions
- Modified the two spent Desert Eagle shells to be ejected with different velocities
- Modified the player's current MovementAcc to be more intuitive to predict
- Modified spectator and demo view to hide the inactive parts of the interface
- Modified demo playback to allow freecam by default
- Modified decreased the freecam deadzone again to make the sudden speed jump less abrupt #277
- Modified accumulated bink and selfbink to get diminishing returns faster, making it harder to reach ridiculous amounts
- Modified cursor scaling from inaccuracy effects to grow faster between smaller values, and slower between higher values
- Modified BulletSpread to have less effect when crouched and moving, and even less when proned and moving
- Modified player looking direction to be sent to the server more frequently
- Modified cursor to be visible during game pause #460
- Fixed bullets could only push one object (flags, kits, loose guns) at once
- Fixed bullets could push an object (flags, kits, loose guns) multiple times in an instant, giving huge push
- Fixed HTF incorrectly used some INF flag messages (referring to the Objective instead of the Yellow Flag)
- Fixed finishing a roll animation while airborne and with the crouch key still pressed, you would air-squat awkwardly and not be able to throw grenades
- Fixed ctrl+tab and ctrl+shift+tab active tab highlighting issue #451
- Fixed an animation glitch when holding Jump while a backflip animation ends
- Fixed players with bink weapons couldn't bink themselves
- Fixed explosives could bink team mates #398
- Fixed bink didn't work in non-team based game modes
- Fixed team mates could bink each other with explosives even though FriendlyFire was off
- Fixed the player's current MovementAcc being erratic when the player was transitioning between animations and grounded/in-air
- Fixed sniper scope cooldown could be bypassed by triggering an overriding animation
- Fixed camera jumping back and forth between the cursor and the map's center when looking outside map bounds
- Fixed camera not resetting to center when joining a new game
- Fixed freecam camera wasn't completely still when the cursor was inside the center deadzone #277
- Fixed camera not resetting to center when viewing above map bounds
- Fixed empty server_info setting in servers soldat.ini makes client display weird chars in F1 menu
- Fixed team menu keyboard input blocked if opening it using the cursor #428
- Fixed pressing an unmapped number when selecting a team causes no team to be joined and the menu disappears #388
- Fixed unable to toggle the weapon menu when carrying less than two weapons #181
- Fixed custom values of MovementAcc and BulletSpread didn't show differences properly in the weapon selection menu
- Fixed flags in CTF and INF game modes weren't using their flag texture
- Fixed clients' keys would act slightly "sticky" in online games, not resetting the controls every tick
- Fixed server didn't notify players about all key events from other players
- Fixed flag was thrown in a direction that was at least 16 milliseconds old #132
- Fixed side jump speed was slightly lower when facing right #170
- Fixed reloading Spas-12 when gun is empty now waits for fire interval delay to finish first #161 #365
- Fixed no longer able to simultaneously fire and reload Spas-12 while prone #474
- Fixed /victory sound only plays once at the end of a round in survival DM/RM #291
- Fixed cannot delete server with two pipe chars from favorites
- Fixed players that needed to download the upcoming map spawned using the previous map's spawn points, as well as seeing other glitches #239
- Fixed players that needed to download the upcoming map would be disconnected before seeing the final scoreboard
- Fixed incorrectly spawning with/without a parachute after going outside map bounds
- Fixed readonly.txt didn't do what it advertised #279
- Fixed readonly.txt didn't contain an updated list of maps and sceneries #95

Soldatserver 2.7.7 changelog:
- Added soldatserver cannot be run as root on linux
- Added SC3 TScriptMap.SetMap(NewMap: string);
- Modified removed ASE Protocol support as it is dead since 2008
- Modified removed nrservice support
- Fixed SC3 - Broken AddSpawnPoint #541
- Fixed Game.Teams[ i ].OnJoin is replacing Game.OnJoin and is not working as intended #415
- Fixed Server freeze after Players[ID].Alive := FALSE; #396
- Fixed OnJoinTeam does not remove players from their old team in ScriptCore
- Fixed SC3 - Event OnVoteMapStart isn't called by /votemap command #443
- Fixed SC3 - Wrong values of TGame.TimeLeft #377
- Fixed OnJoinTeam not called for bots
- Fixed SC3 global variable Game.Teams is empty after recompile #516

Weaponmod changes:

Deagles      fireinterval +1
HK MP5       spread +1, push -2
Ak           dmg +7, fireinterval +1, spread -1, push +2
Steyr        dmg -1, push -2
Spas         push -3
Ruger        dmg +1, push +4
M79          push +60
Barrett      startup +2, moveacc -1, push +31
Minimi       push -2
Minigun      push -2
Socom        dmg -1
Knife        push +300
LAW          push +50
Flamethrower push +40

Map changes:

Fixed missing scenery amb_fog_ground-sk_soft.png

Soldat 1.6.7 Full
Soldat 1.6.7 Patch (for 1.6.6 only)

Server 2.7.7 Full
Server 2.7.7 Patch (for 2.7.6 only)

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