Promotion for Soldat Registration!

   Soldat 1.5.1 Release Candidate version will be out any moment now. Because of this I would like to introduce a kind of promotion.

For a limited time before the full Soldat 1.5.1 version is out - the Soldat registration and bonus features that come with it will cost you... whatever you feel you should pay for it. Yes this means that all the hidden features available for registered players like higher resolution, minimap, custom interfaces and so on can be yours for the price you think of.

Pay whatever you feel this game is worth for you. Whatever the hours of online fun you think should cost you. Please remember that I am an independent developer and this is my only source of income. So the money I get from registration means my survival.

But more importantly it means more and better games from me. I am passionate about what I do and making new games and making Soldat better is all I care about. The lobby server which allows you to connect to the hundreds of servers and until recent times Battleye anti-cheat protection was all sponsored from my own pocket. This is a lot for a free game. Not to mention all the hard work that was put into this game and all the ongoing work that comes from all the good people involved in this project.

So please think how much you should pay for becoming a registered member of the Soldat community and getting all the game features related with that. Remember that what you pay will come back to you multiplied in the form of more blood, action and online mayhem!

In case you don't know what features will get unlocked after registering here is a quick rundown:

  • Custom Profiles for saving different settings
  • Custom Interfaces / New Interface Skins
  • Built-in MP3 Player
  • Changing Resolution to a higher one like 1280x1025 or WideScreen Resolutions
  • No nag screen or banners before start of game
  • Becoming an Honored Member of the Soldat Community for all to see (you get a Star associated with your Nick)
  • Minimap that shows positions of your teammates
  • Custom Colored Jet Flames
  • Money-Back Guarantee!
    If you still decide this wasn't worth it, or just something doesn't work you can get your money back no problem within 30 days.
  • Registration is for lifetime. Pay once and you get this for all future versions of Soldat!

Oh and did I mention that I add Soldat registered members to my Facebook friends list :).

Please go to this page.

Enter the amount you wish to transfer in the "Unit Price" box and within a couple minutes you will get your registration key and instructions on how to use it.

Thanks and have fun!

Michal Marcinkowski
michal.marcinkowski <at>