New Soldat beta available

The beta version is available here:

or just start your older beta version for an auto-update.


- Added aim lag

This beta is mainly a test for a new aiming system called :aim lag". It is an effort to make aiming more realistic and challenging. Instead of the start-up-time in weapons like M79 and Barret this will be used. Aim lag can be described intuitively as having two aim cursors - one which is your mouse position and the second one, which lags behind depending on weapon is your real gun aim position. It should feel as if carrying a real weapon, the heavier the weapon the harder it is to aim it quickly. Tell your opinions about this on Soldat Forums.

This version might suffer from a known bug which causes FPS to drop significantly. If you experience these problems please write down your system specifications (OS, video card, ram) in this topic.